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Why are so many ice anglers making the switch to Propane

After considering the many advantages that propane offers over gasoline, the engineers at Eskimo set out on the task of developing the ultimate propane-powered ice auger. The result was the HC40, designed from the ice up to take full advantage of propane’s higher octane rating. Higher octane supports higher compression, meaning more powerful explosions out of a smaller and lighter package. Propane is taking the ice fishing world by storm. Ice anglers everywhere are turning to this new power source as it continues to prove itself on the ice.


The first advantage of propane that many people notice is how clean it is. Gone are the days of mixing oil and gasoline and worrying about the quality of gas being used. Propane is held within a closed system meaning no spills or leaks. The HC40 can be tossed in the back of a vehicle or in a sled without worrying about gasoline spilling out and making a mess. Propane also burns more cleanly, emitting nearly no exhaust or odor.


Propane is also a stable fuel, meaning it can be stored between ice seasons without gumming up the engine or lines, resulting in fewer repairs. Even after a long hot summer, the HC40 will fire up after one or two pulls with no priming or choking needed.


The HC40 runs on readily available and affordable 1lb propane bottles, and propane burns so efficiently, a single bottle can easily last an entire ice season. Removing the weight of liquid gasoline helps keep the HC40 under 33lbs total, making drilling easier and more enjoyable.


To convert the dependable, propane-generated power to on-ice performance, Eskimo attached the HC40’s engine to their rapid-cutting Quantum Augers via an all-metal ball bearing transmission. The augers, available in 8” or 10” diameters, feature dual Quantum Blades that shred through all types of ice quickly and easily.


Clean, stable, lightweight and affordable – the HC40 is an unbeatable tool in any ice angler’s arsenal.

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3/5/2016 5:01 PM
I bought your HC 40 propane auger from Cabela's I love it! It's worked flawlessly since I bought it, I drilled about 200 holes with a 1/4 tank of propane! Now I was only drilling 4-5 inches of ice but still plenty of holes for very little propane. This auger is nice and quiet compared to my gas powered unit. I bought it because I was sick of the fuel smell on my fingers every time I opened the air vent on my gas auger, figured the fish can smell fuel so why not go a bit more eco friendly and skip having fuel on the ice.