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The Many Types of Anglers

Ice Fishing means different things to different people—there just isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to how to fish. Here are 6 of the many types of ice anglers we’ve identified so far.

The price of bait has shot up in the last few years, but Bill wouldn’t know that. Bill hasn’t bought his own bait in at least 4 years. Bill’s favorite way to fish is with a tip-up. He prefers large shiners, but will use a sucker minnow if that’s all you have. Also, Bill prefers premium beer—ya know—since you’re stopping at the store anyway.

Henry knows his place. It’s his $30,000 hard sided shack. You can find him and his family and friends taking in the weekend in their jammies, watching TV while they pull in early morning walleyes.

Dan knows the best way to spend his time is to take a couple days and hit up a big destination lake. The time and effort pay off big time in trophy fish, and all of his friends are jealous.

Ron is all about finding fish and working his tail off to get them. He may drill 300+ holes and travel all over the lake until he gets what he is after.

Carla is about the contest. If she is going to spend her time fishing, it might as well be for the chance to win a truck or a gift certificate to the local café. She’s there bright and early and has her spot claimed for the start of the contest.

Odds would say that if you spend enough time on the ice you are bound to catch a fish. Not for Ned. Nobody has ever seen Ned catch a fish, but every time he goes out, he is 100% confident in his lucky lure. Hey Ned, maybe pay a little more attention to the fishing, put down the flask, and you might catch something.

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