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ShackTalk Podcast Presented by Eskimo!

Last season, we launched our very own podcast called ShackTalk. This down-to-earth show features hosts Kyle Agre and Scotty Brewer doing what they do best - talking about ice fishing. Listen in while they discuss tips, tactics, locations and more with special guests!

ShackTalk is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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1/14/2018 8:41 PM
The first time we used our new tent it was raining and the tent leaked. I was a bit disapointed .
2/2/2018 4:07 PM
First time we used ours the wind was blowing 30+.  Took us two attempts to set it up, but once we anchored it down before pulling out the sides everything went fine. Bent two of the hand anchors right off the bat, thinking of finding a better way to anchore the sides down.  The Quickfish 5I was very roomy and nice and tall, we had a heater going and kept us nice and warm in -22 temps.
2/18/2018 1:08 PM
I bought a quickfish 3 1 week ago and have to replace the hub and fiberglass rod already
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