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Put the odds in your favor this winter

A Beautiful Northern Pike

Fishing is a unique sport. People of all ages, gender, geographic location, and nationality enjoy the sport we all love. Whether you're a beginning fisherman, a seasoned ice angler, or a professional, we all rise to the challenge of locating and ultimately catching our prey.

Many people ask, “What is the secret to being successful on the ice?", or “What is the answer to catching a trophy?". Great anglers are very good at the little things; attention to detail. Have you ever fished next to someone who out fished you 2 to 1? How about 10 to 1? I've been there and I think we all have been. The difference is usually some small detail that others overlook. Maybe its the cadence they use to set their lure in motion, or as simple a being 1 inch off bottom instead of 2. Could the use of a small swivel a foot or two above the lure be the difference? Yup. How about using some scent on your lures?

When examining these details the mystery and frustration of being the one NOT catching fish can soon disappear. Another often overlooked detail that makes some anglers more effective is the amount of time that their lure is in the water in front of their quarry. On the ice, mobility is an immense advantage. The ability to move and quickly have the lure back in the water can mean putting several more fish on the ice by the end of the day.

A dependable power auger, like the Eskimo Shark, and portable shelter are keys to this scenario. Being agile and mobile is very important when searching for active fish as well as the ability to cover up and concentrate, out of the elements, once they’re located. Both flip over and pop-up style houses offered by Eskimo excel in different situations and it’s a good idea to have each at your disposal. Put the odds in your favor every time you head onto the ice this season. Make sure your equipment is in excellent shape, be geared up for the situation your in, listen to what the fish tell you, have a game plan.

…and set the hook!


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