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Why You Should Choose Eskimo

As the forerunner of the first pop-up shelters, Eskimo understands what you need in a good ice fishing shelter. Eskimo pop-up portables offer a strong hub design, self-tapping ice anchors that are easier to grip and will not bend under pressure, reliable YKK zippers, and IceTight fabric for the durability and longevity you need, even in severe winter conditions.

Thread Weight / Thread Count

The mixture of thread weight and thread count will determine your fabric performance. Eskimo IceTight fabric features a 59% higher thread count than competitor shelters, resulting in a much tighter weave. IceTight is coated to be completely wind and waterproof, and is overall 19% lighter than competitor shelter skins.

IQ™ Insulated Quilted Fabric

Insulated fabric provides warmth inside your shelter so you can fish even on the harshest of days. IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric consists of two layers of IceTight fabric that sandwich together a layer of insulation material, providing superior protection from even the coldest conditions.

YKK® Zippers

Eskimo is committed to quality, and that’s why YKK® zippers come standard on all Eskimo ice shelters. Zippers can be problematic, performing well in the store, but freezing and breaking out on the ice. YKK® zippers are industry leading, rugged and reliable—just like an Eskimo ice shelter.

Ice Anchors

Eskimo ice anchors are widely known for their ease of use and tight-holding grip. Large mitten grip handles allow you to secure your shelter without needless exposure to the elements, and these durable steel-constructed anchors are self-tapping, easily screwing into the ice by hand with their sharp point.