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Hot New Items for Your Sled

When it comes time to load up your sled—beyond your auger of choice and maybe an extra pop-up—here are some of the latest and greatest items we’ve found that will make your time on the ice much more enjoyable. These items are top of the line and will certainly create some interesting conversation on the ice this winter.


The 13 Fishing Radioactive Pickle Combo pairs the best of the best. PC2 Flat Blank Rod construction with high-vis tip will ensure that you don’t miss any bites. The FreeFall Ghost reel features the 13 Fishing Drop Lever, which makes one handed operation simple. Be seen and see more bites with the Radioactive Pickle from 13 Fishing.


The Garmin Panoptix ice bundle will transform your ice fishing experience. It pairs 3 types of sonar—Garmin CHIRP traditional, Panoptix LiveVü Forward, and LiveVü Down. Panoptix will help you drill fewer holes and locate schools of fish under the ice up to 100 feet horizontally around you. Pair the Panoptix features with 17,000 lake maps that are pre-loaded onto the unit and the fish wont be able to hide!


Everyone needs a 5 gallon bucket. How about one that will take no matter what you put it though? 
The Yeti Loadout Bucket will handle the toughest ice conditions and last a lifetime.


This new generation tip-up is highly visible with a high powered LED light that lets you know when you have a fish, day or night. Even cooler, the protective cover keeps your hole protected from the wind, snow and elements. Covers 8” or 10” holes.



Pliers are a must-have tool on the ice. The Ego Kryptek Aluminum 6.5” Pliers feature a split-ring tool, crimping slots, and replaceable stainless-steel cutters for cutting braided line. Oh, and they look pretty cool with the Kryptek camo.


The Northland Glo-Shot™ jig’s luminescent Glo-Shot stick and fixed single-hook design make it ideal for deadsticking or fishing below a bobber with a lightly hooked live minnow. Its lightweight flutter design and added attraction of color radiating from the Glo-Shot stick makes this jig especially effective in dark water and low-light conditions.


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