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  • I ordered my part Thursday morning, two day air and its now Monday, why haven't I received my part?

    While most of the time we get to the orders as soon as they come in, we still have to allow one day for processing the part here at Eskimo. This generally means that the order will be processed by UPS the following day. Two day shipping means two business days, which excludes weekends and other events that can occur. Please check out UPS for more information.
  • How do I replace a pole in my pop-up ice shelter?

    On the outside of the shelter, take the screw out of the hub, remove the round plate then slide the pole out. Insert replacement pole by sliding it in with the “ear” fitting into the groves; the replace the round plate and screw tight.
  • Where are your products (augers/shelters) made?

    Eskimo /Ardisam is a worldwide manufacturing corporation. We manufacture and produce products both in the United States and overseas.
  • Where can I take my ice auger service maintenance?

    Here at Eskimo we can service your equipment. We also have a large network of certified service centers that can perform maintenance. Please call our customer service department for a repair center near you.
  • What Eskimo model is best suited for spearing?

    Any of the pop-up portable models would work best for spearing. This is because they are floor-less models which allow for larger spearing holes.
  • What type of fuel can I use in my product's engine?

    Unless otherwise specified, all of the engines used on Eskimo products are designed to use only regular unleaded gasoline. Keep in mind that two-cycle engines use a mixture of regular unleaded gasoline and high quality two-cycle, air cooled motor oil at a ratio of 50:1. Engines on Eskimo products are NOT designed to burn E85, Diesel or any fuel other than regular unleaded gasoline. Using the wrong fuel may result in engine damage.
  • What is a Viper engine?

    Viper Engines are engineered and manufactured specifically to Ardisam’s stringent specifications. Viper is available in 2-cycle and 4-cycle and each engine is precisely modified to fit its specific application.

    The 2-cycle Viper Engine has a two ring piston and a pressed - fit connecting rod which is the “heart” of this engine. These high quality features ensure Viper Engines will pump out high RPMs year after year. Key features included on all Viper engines is a muffler guard, carburetor guard, primer bulb, ergonomic on / off switch, see-through gas tank and specially designed robust recoils that stand up to rugged use.

    Technical support for Viper engines is handled in Cumberland, Wisconsin at our Corporate Headquarters. In addition, Ardisam has a complete line of servicing dealers located throughout the USA. Viper engines have proven themselves through years of rugged service. All Viper engines meet or exceed current EPA requirementsContact Us to find a servicing dealer near you.

    Viper, Exceeding Your Expectations.

  • Where can I purchase blades for my older augers?

    Our Quantum and Turbo blades work on most of the older products as well as the newer products. You can purchase all replacement blades online here or contact our customer service department.
  • What is the RPM for the auger flighting on each model?

    • Shark Models - 320 RPMs
    • Mako Models - 267 RPMs
    • Stingray Model - 163 RPMs
  • What are the engine RPM's of the augers?

    All engines run at 8,000 RPM's.
  • How much do your ice augers weigh?

    • Shark Z71Q10 - 32 lbs
    • Shark Z51Q10 - 32 lbs
    • Shark Z51Q9 - 31 lbs
    • Shark Z51Q8 - 30 lbs
    • Mako M43Q10 - 33 lbs
    • Mako M43Q9 - 32 lbs
    • Mako M43Q8 - 31 lbs
    • Stingray S33Q8 - 28 lbs
  • Do you have any tips to set up the shelters in wind?

    For the Quickfish Series, use the supplied ice anchors to anchor the shelter down to the ice when in use. For high wind conditions, additional ice anchors and tie-off ropes are included.

    For the flip style shelters generally the weight of those shelters is enough to hold them down. However, you may want to use some type of anchoring system or adding weight to the sled (typically your fishing gear) will help. Leaving the shelter attached to your snowmobile or ATV will also keep the shelter from moving in extreme windy conditions.

  • Can you use the ice shelters in the summer time for camping?

    All ice shelters are made for fishing use. It is not recommended they be used for anything other than ice fishing.
  • How do you heat your ice shelters?

    Your manual details the precautions to take when heating the shelters. Please refer to this if you have any questions. There are several types of portable heaters that you can use, however, stay away from using any type of open flame heat sources. Make sure that the shelter is properly vented.
  • How many people can fit in each Eskimo ice shelter?

    • 69168 Quickflip 3 - 3 people
    • 69167 Quickflip 2 - 2 people
    • 69149 - Quickfish 6 - 6 people
    • 69143 - Quickfish 3 - 3 people
    • 69151 - Quickflip 2 - 2 people
    • 11629 – Wide1- 1 person
    • 11427- FlipMo2 – 2 person
    • 11597 – FlipMo3 – 3 person
    • FF767 – FatFish 767 – 2-3 people
    • FF949 – FatFish 949 – 3-4 people
    • FF949i – FatFish 949i – 3-4 people
    • FF9416 – FatFish 9416 – 6-8 people
    • 69151 – QuickFish 2 – 2 person
    • 69143 – QuickFish 3 – 3 person
    • 69445 – QuickFish 3i – 3 person
    • 69444 – QuickFish 4 – 4 person
    • 69149 – QuickFish 6 – 6 person
  • What is the difference between the Turbo and Quantum blades?

    Quantum blades are a chipper style blade that chip the ice allowing for a smooth cut while resisting ice build up. The Quantum blade is a flat blade that attacks the ice at the perfect angle and keeps a razor sharp edge much longer than other blades on the market. Turbo blades are a curved and angled blade that creates a shaving action. Both blade technologies use high quality stainless steel material that resist rust and corrosion. They are both heat treated to a perfect hardness that resists wear and protects against dings and scratches.
  • Can I wash my ice shelter skin?

    You can use a vinegar and water solution to eliminate mold or mildew. If you are just wanting to wash your skin, you can use a mild soap and water mixture. Do not machine wash your skin.
  • Do I have to have a tracking kit to tow my ice shelter?

    For high speed towing behind a snowmobile or ATV, we highly recommend you purchase a high speed tracking kit so you do not cause unnecessary or premature damage to your ice shelter sled. If you are only going to pull your ice shelter by hand, a high speed tracking kit is not necessary, but does make it easier to pull.
  • Will my ice shelter leak from the small pin holes in skin?

    Many variables can come into play. It depends on the outside air temperature, the air temperature inside the shelter, how much heat you are using inside shelter, etc. Some leaking could occur due to condensation, but that is normal.
  • I can see cracks on the inside of my shelter skin, why?

    This is normal due to exposure to the elements and normal wear and tear. When you fold your shelter for transport, lines and creases develop in the fabric. This will not affect the performance of the ice shelter in any way
  • I can see small pin holes in my shelter skin, why?

    The coating on the inside of shelter skin is done to help darken the interior. The pin holes are normal and may increase from normal exposure to the elements or from normal wear and tear. This will not affect the performance of the ice shelter in any way and is normal.
  • My shelter lets some water come through it, how can I remedy that?

    You may purchase a seam sealer or silicon spray to help seal the seams to help repel water, such as Camp Dry® which can be found in many sporting goods stores, in the camping section. Eskimo ice shelters are not water proof. Be sure to read the Important Safety Precautions on page 3 of the manuals. (Manuals can be found by clicking on the "MANUALS" link just below the header.)
  • I have a tear in my skin, how do I repair it?

    You can purchase a patch kit online here or call our customer service department. The patch kit consists of two 12" x 12" pieces of skin material to apply to the tear area. This should be done at room temperature.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for my propane power auger?

    The model number is located on the tag below the propane canister holder or on the front cover of your manual, or box label on the UPC label (eg. HC40Q8). The serial number is under the model number.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for my 2-cycle power auger?

    The model number is located on the tag below the air filter, or box label on the UPC label (eg. S33Q8). The serial number is under the model number.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for my old power auger with Tecumseh Motor?

    The model number is located on the top of the unit just below the recoil (eg 8900). The serial number is located under the model number.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for old power auger with an Emak Motor?

    The model number is located on the top of the unit just below the recoil (eg 9400S). The serial number is to the right of the model number.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for my hand auger?

    The model number is located on the product box on the UPC label (eg HD06). No serial numbers exist for hand augers.
  • Where do I find the serial and model numbers for my chisel?

    The model number is located on the product box on the UPC label (eg CH7). No serial numbers exist for chisels.
  • What is the best way to order parts if I live in Canada?

    For faster service and easier convenience for our Canadian customers, you are able to order parts directly through our Canadian Distributor. You can find you local distributor by clicking on this link.
  • Can hand augers use the same extension as powered ice augers?

    No. The diameter of the opening is different on each, as a result the extension for the powered auger will not fit.
  • Can I use my ice auger as an earth auger in the off-season?

    No. The engine on the unit has been specially designed to work in cold temperatures. Using it in a warm season will cause the unit to overheat and stop working.
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