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Blog posts of '2018' 'October'

9 Top Destination Lakes

Haven’t been on an ice fishing destination vacation yet? Well, you’re missing out! One of the best ways to break up a long Winter is to take a vacation and embrace all that Mother Nature has to offer. These unique destinations and experiences provide not only great fishing but fun for the whole family. Whether you are planning a hardcore fishing trip with friends to catch that trophy, or a family getaway to teach the kids about the great outdoors, we have a few spots to recommend that are worth checking out.

Guiding on the Lake ... a Dream Job?

Hardest working. Most reliable. Most dependable. It sounds like a truck commercial, but these are the words that people better use to describe you if you think you can earn your living as a Fishing Guide. We sat down with Dustin Larson, aka “DLars”, one of the most-respected young guides on Devils Lake to get a peek into his life as a guide and why he does it. Here is how Dustin describes his life on the water:


So, You Want to be a Fishing Guide?

“Being a fishing guide is the dream job of all dream jobs. However, there are caveats to the dream job,” explains Larson.

9 Ways to Improve Your Fish Fry

Explore how to improve your fish frying skills with our 9 easy tips. 


1 Mind your oil temperature

Oil temperature is the most important factor in a successful fish fry. Heavy metal pots like cast iron and a large quantity of oil help keep the temperature consistent through the entire process. 370° F is the target temperature. Oil temps below 350° will lead to soggy, oily fish, and oil temps above 390° can cause breading to burn.

Pro TipUsing an infrared thermometer is a great way to easily and accurately monitor oil temp. A unit like the one pictured can befound online for about $12.