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Pistol Bit 8 Inch

The Eskimo Pistol Bit is undeniably the best power drill auger accessory available. Its high-strength polymer flight sections and cutting head keep the auger lighter than the competition while maintaining their integrity in sub-zero temperatures. A hexagonal aluminum inner tube keeps the auger flight sections oriented correctly and transfers power to the cutting head efficiently. The Pistol Bit also cuts faster and smoother thanks to the two replaceable flat steel blades, and precisely stays in place thanks to its centering point.
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  • Engineered Nylon/Polymer Flite

Keeps the unit lightweight while maintaining flexibility and impact resistance in cold temperatures.

  • Hexagonal, aluminum inner stem shaft

Efficiently transfers power from drill to cutting head.

  • High-strength polymer cutting head

Reliable performance in all conditions. Aggressive design cuts through ice quickly and smoothly.

  • Centering ice point

  • Bit-Saving Top Plate

Included polymer top plate is slightly wider than the auger flite so you can cut with confidence knowing that you won’t lose your drill or auger down the hole.

  • Cordless Drill Requirements

-Side Stabilizer Arm
-1/2" Drill Chuck
-18 Volt/4 amp Lithium on Battery (or higher)
-Brushless Motor Design
-Minimum 725 in/lbs of Torque
Drills that meet these requirements:
Milwaukee Models: 2703-22, 2704-22, 2709-22, 2803, 2810-22, 2803, 2804
Dewalt Models: DCD991P2, DCD996P2, DCD997B

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Product Specifications
Cutting Diameter 8"
Weight 3.9 lbs
Blade Style Dual-Flat
Blade Model RB8
Auger Length 40"
Drive Size 1/2"
Warranty 1-Year Limited