The EVO1 Crossover is the ultimate ice fishing shelter for one person. By replacing bulky metal poles with fiberglass, this shelter keeps weight to a minimum and makes it easy to transport. With the extra headroom where you need it, setting a hook inside your shack has never been easier. The crossover also features 300 Denier IceTight fabric with a 59% higher thread count than comparable shelters. This higher thread count results in a tighter weave, and provides the wind and watertight performance that Eskimo is known for. That’s at an average weight savings of up to 19% over most competitors! By incorporating the durable hubs from our pop-up shelters, the EVO1 offers 19.5 square feet of fishable area.
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More Fishable Area

The EVO gives you more fishable area than any comparable sled-style shelter by utilizing fiberglass poles and hub technology to extend the shelter walls beyond that of a standard flip shelter.


By replacing bulky metal poles with fiberglass poles, the EVO keeps weight to a minimum and makes it always easy to transport.

Extra Large Windows

The extra-large windows and coverings on the EVO allow you to control the amount of light being let into your shelter and gives you visibility to all parts of the ice without having to leave your seat.

Extra Height Over Your Holes

With extra headroom where you need it, setting a hook inside your shack has never been easier.

Oversized Side Doors

The EVO 1 features an oversized side door, making it easy to move yourself and all your gear in and out of the shelter. The side position of the door allows you to enter and exit without having to step over your holes.


The unique shape of the EVO allows the venting system to trap heat low in the shelter and force wind to flow smoothly around the outside—eliminating noisy flapping of the skin during windy days.

Product Specifications
Capacity 1 Person
Fishable Area 19.5 ft²
Set-Up Size 92" x 66" x 65"
Sled Size 50" x 32" x 10"
Insulation Non-Insulated
Fabric 300 Denier
Height 65"
Weight 52 lbs
Collapsed Size 50" x 33.5" x 20.5"
Tow Rope Included
Framework Steel / Aluminum / Fiberglass
Ice Anchors 6
Ventilation 1
Windows 5
Doors 1
Seating (1) Swivel Versa™ Seat
Seat Height 18"
Mesh Pockets 2
Warranty 1-Year Limited