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Master Angler #2 for the day The second Manitoba Master Angler walleye that I caught, photo and released that day on Lake Winnipeg!
Manitoba Master Angler Release! 28 1/4" Manitoba Master Angler Walleye goes back into the water.
Manitoba Master Angler #2 The second Manitoba Master Angler of the day! This one a 29" monster! Caught, photo and released!
1st Manitoba Master Angler Greenback! The first time that I set foot on the ice on Lake Winnipeg I landed two Manitoba Master Angler walleyes! This was the first, a 28" tank!
First Greenback For Jen DeBlieck!
48 inch, 30.9 pound Northern Pike Biggest fish I've ever caught....caught using my Fatfish 949i
True North Fishing Nothing like camping out on the lake in -41 and doing some ice fishing!!!
Big girl! ! Biggest this year
another bass Big mouth Billy bass
Rippin Lips Nice fish Kyle first fish ever through the ice with the team!!
Rippin Lips Negative thirty below can't stop the team!!!
in da shack Small fatty
grab me a beer I'm fishing
Fry em up! Yuuumm!
Boxing Day Special 30 inches , 10 lbs.
Fatfish Pike! My girlfriend Sam caught this Northern our first weekend fishing in our brand new ice house.
Amazing Slow day but we had fun
No fish Oh well let's play some hockey
just set up a tip up with the guys Let's see what happens
skinny 26 inch keeper " We let him go but I won the money in our fishing contest"
Billy bass We put him in the water
On Wisconsin! We want more!
Fishing with my buddies He got photo bombed!
Fishing with my buddies Live action!
GIANT LAKE TROUT!!! First time ice fishing in my life in my new Eskimo pop-up tent! Landed and released this monster Lake Trout! 33 1/2" 13 1/2 lbs
Lake Trout of my life Ice fishing at -20 in our Eskimo pop up shelter in interior Alaska, this is the biggest fish I have EVER caught! Sooooooo much fun!
Natural! ThIs was my daughters first time fishing and I am thankful for my eskimo quickfish 3. It kept us out of the wind and made it possible for her to catch her first fish. It was a 14 oz perch! I think she is hooked!
Doing it Montana Style! 13 degrees, jumbo perch (biggest 2 lbs 2 oz), eskimo ice fishing gear and spending time with my best buddy(my son). Nothing better!!
Nelson Resevoir Pike Making memories with my best fishing buddy. Thanks Eskimo.
Mr Pike....
First Release in 2015 Ice fishing to me is not always about a harvest. Catching a big mature lake trout is a great achievement, letting it go to hopefully spread moondust and make more fish is even better. I do eat me share of fish I catch, but these giants should be consider
Twenty Fifteen New Years Day and catching the first fish of twenty fifteen. I was stoked to get the bite at bite feet below the surface and reel this hog up to start of the new year. Wow Put a photo ap edit on this one to make it Pop!
Hooked for life! Here is a nice picture of my 12 year old daughter Emmy on her first overnight ice fishing trip in South Dakota. She landed this 28 inch Northern Pike (her first ever) just after sunrise on a bitterly cold morning. Our new Fatfish 949 kept us toasty warm
better then nothing
Tip up fishing while jigging for pan fish
MN Country Girls... Spent an afternoon teaching these two to panfish in my FatFish 9416. They do it all...hunt, fish, and drink beer =}
lonely but happy Too hot in the 949 for this girl.
this is how we roll
in our eskimo and happy
Northern MN Pike Fishing with my son on Maple Lake
Meanwhile in Canada... 31.5" Wabigoon walleye, Dryden, Ontario
Let em Go - Let em Grow You dont need to keep everything you catch - Practicing selective harvest techniques promotes opportunities for a renewable resource to allow mature fish to breed, increasing the chances for fish in the future for all user groups. Releasing this laker to
Close Up Lake trout patterns really show up good close up. Nature is beautiful. This fish played nice for a few photos before a release.
Far North Glory Alaska's Far North offers a truely unique ice fishing experience. This is a classic example of a great looking sheefish. The Selawik-Kobuck regional fish are the largest of the 5 groups found in Alaska. great fun & great eating. I found my glory tis last
Icing a Horse " Sheefish in Alaska get as big as a horse... ok not that big but this one went close to 30 lbs and felt like a horse when I tried to pull him up through the ice hole. Another big fishing adventure in Alaska!"
15lbs Ogdensburg NY Mighty St.Lawrence Northern Pike!!!!!!!!!!! It was around 1 pm on saturday and we just got done eating lunch! I just bought a new pair of boots and my right foot was killing me! So i ask my good fishing buddy Dan Polniak if he would mind helping me pull my boot off. He laughed but he pulled it of
Alaskan Double Clutch! I had to go up high with a double clutch on the rod for a fish I call "Twenty-Four" The 24 inch long fish named appropriatley due to his length measurement. Epic battle and excitement during the pursuit to raise the fish to the land of the air breathers.
Short Sleeves? Ice Fishing sheefish above the arctic circle in my t-shirt. The sun reflecting off the snow cover created a heat wave, aside from having loads of hot action. This beast went over 20 lbs and created a warmth from the inside also. Loving Alaska!
Twenty - Four Ice fishing on this past Veterans Day Holiday and surfacing a 24 inch rainbow trout. Alaska provides me with almost 6 months of frozen water sport fishing opportunities. Some days I roll doughnut, but on this day I was a hero.... I shall call him "Twenty
Super Beast Catching a big lake trout this last April on a local favorite lake. By the numbers: Almost 3 feet of ice covered the lake, 120 feet of water column, hooking up at 90 feet, fishing a 10 inch hole with a 3 inch tube jig. Hard Luck is what I call it.
Tarpon of the North Ice Fishing can get no better than going North, 33 miles above the arctic circle, for large sheefish (inconnu). My buddy hosts me every year for a visit to Kotzebue and some crazy ice fishing. Insanity best describes pulling a big sheefish through a ten
Beauty & The Beast Ice Fishing in early November and catching some epic rainbow trout in the 49th State
Getting Bent! Setting the hook and having your rod double over. Feeling the power of a huge head shake and tail kick. Listening to the drag scream when a fish rips out 20 yards of line. Surfacing a personal best. Glorious.
20.4 lbs pike caught on Pasqua lake sk This story all started a couple days before I actually caught the fish I am still in high school and last semester I joined out door school witch is basically a full semester of outdoor learning experience. One day we went ice fishing as one of our ecosy
early morning walleye. caught on Thompson lake Saskatchewan Canada.
Laker Lunker! My son & I decided to hit the hard water one last time before I left for a 9 month deployment to Afghanistan. The weather was beautiful on a baby blue Alaskan day. Not more than a few minutes after setting up this beauty charged up from 100' deep and sla
Big Perch Caught this perch on lake Josephine in ND. Definitely the biggest perch I've pulled through the ice. It was also a pretty cold day out (hence the layer of frost on the shelter tarp), good thing I had my eskimo flip tent.
15 pound northern pike on 2 pound test! I caught this big guy out fishing for perch on crooked lake with my friend Jeremy, I knew it wasn't a perch when I set the hook and it started peeling line like there was no tomorrow. It took me about 15 mins to get him in. I had to be careful because I
Laker Hunting! First lake trout of the hard water season for me in Alaska's interior!
I'll catch'em. U hold'em Too cold in December to move around on the lake. Sometimes they come to you. 28 1/2 walleye caught on Lake Winnipeg.
33 inch Pike on Lake Nipping Canada We hand-lined this monster, on 4lbs test, and small hook.
Monster 16.2 lbs Northern Pike Got this big female of the ottawa river on a jig with a 7-8 inch sucker minnow. When I first dropped the line down it darted off to the side instantly so I pulled it up to see giant bite marks in the sucker and within a five minute period it was back on
PED Violation? Caught this fat fish and my first thought was i should report it for Performance Enhancement Drug (PED) testing. Not too much length, but lots of shoulder for sure. LOL
12 Pound Northern Caught this 12 pound, 37 inch Pike on a Lindy darter for the last day of 2013 on the Ottawa River in Pembroke. This was also my first ever catch ice fishing!
Minnesota Blue Gill - January 2014 Caught this Blue Gill while fishing a -29, subzero wind with our daughters, ages 2 and 4.
15LB 7oz
My 40 inch 14 lb pike caught on Waubay, SD. I caught this fish after catching a few perch with my buddies and after not marking a fish for a while a mark that took up two feet of red on my sonar showed up just under my jig. It hesitated to bite so I did the final presentation style that I learned
Large Mouth Bass Caught jigging for Crappies and Sunfish
12 pound Northern Pike Caught this Northern pike on a lindy darter in Pembroke, ON, on the Ottawa River. It weighed in at 12 pounds and measured 37 inches. This was my first ever catch through the ice so I was pretty excited!
Nice 4 lb Pickerel "Caught this guy at Bittern Lake ,north of Montreal Lake SK. It was a cold, windy day out there (normal for sk),luckily Carla & I had our Eskimo 949i to shelter us Thanks Eskimo, job well done!"
Having a Good Time "Me & my husband are really enjoying our 949i(insulated) ice shelter whether the fish are biting or not; we are warm & comfortable Thanks egloo"
Girls do it too!
Brown Trout After many trips, I finally caught a Manitoba Master Angler Brown Trout!
Twin Fatties These were caught in western PA on back to back drops down the hole.
Perfect day to bring the Hut My son and i trying out our new FatFish 767 on a remote lake in North Western Ont. The fishing was slow but it was a great day out on the ice and a PERFECT day to try out our new hut.
Northern Pike Caught on the Otawa River near Pembroke Ontario by Dave Giles.
9 pound 1 ounce Caught this on jigging rod with 4 pound test line. Was trying the perch when this bit instead. I was on St Lawrence river in Waddington, NY.
4 pound Golden Rainbow Trout I caught this 22 inch Golden Rainbow Trout in Wellsboro, PA on Hamilton Lake on 1/2/2014. I was fishing in about 4 feet of water with a minnow. It put up a tremendous fight and will be a moment I will never forget!
Alaskan Trophy Size Burbot The Burbot weighed 11 pounds 10 oz; official trophy size requirements for Alaska Department of Fish & Game Trophy Fish Program. Receiving recognition for the catch with a certificate from ADF&G, it is the second largest Burbot on record form the lake to b
Alaskan Fat Fish Lake Trout taken from a deep Alaskan Lake turned back to the lake for a strong release.
Doré du Lac St-jean " Beau doré de 9 lbs pris sur les glaces du Lac st-jean au Québec. Une journée de pluie pas vraiment belle pour la peche....mais beau résultat...
(Beautiful golden 9 lb caught on the ice of Lac St-Jean in Quebec. It was a rainy day for fishing.."
22" 4.25 pound Rainbow I caught this healthy Bow on Eleven Mile Reservoir, Colorado on 28 Dec 13. It was one of 20 fish that myself, my son and my buds caught that epic day. It took over 10 minutes to get this fish in on 4 pound test line. When I saw it swim past the hole, s
42 inch Sturgeon from the Red River My Nephew, his girlfriend, myself and my son-in-law all went fishing on the Red River. We had just started fishing before sunrise, when my Nephew set the hook on this 42 inch Sturgeon. The battle lasted a good 25 minutes and there were a number of runs th
2 Trout, 1 Line We were fishing a small lake in Utah called Red Creek. It’s the first time I have fished the lake and first time I have pulled in two fish on the same line.
Browns on the Ice "Devils Lake near Baraboo, Wisconsin 18"" Brown Trout"
Clarks Fat Fish This is a nice 4lb brook trout caught at Wesserunsett lake in Maine in January of last year. The young man in the photo is a family friend, Clark Morrison, and he is not just an avid ice fisherman but an incredibly gifted open water fisherman as well. He
25" Walleye Caught on Lake of the Woods
Crazy Rainbow with Growth "Caught at Granite Reservoir Wyoming. Was looking down my hole saw it come in it looked like a sucker so I said score bait and low and behold I pull this out of my hole "
First Time Out My son caught his first Sheepshead while we were out on the Bay of Quinte. After not catching any in the hut all morning he walked around on the ice breaking holes and fishing them. I looked out and he was running back to the hut and I could only see the
Trout Fishing Went rainbow trout fishing!
25" Arctic Char Took my nephew out fishing with me in -1 degree weather and it took 1 1/2 hours to land this fish. It was so cold that my phone's battery drained out but luckily I had a backup battery pack. After charging it awhile we finally took a picture of me and th
15 pounder and our Quickfish My daughter caught a 38" and a 40" northern within 2 hours of each other.Awesome memories.
Big Lake Trout Caught this guy in Colorado 34" 3/4" and 18lbs
Alaskan Trophy Burbot I was out on Winter Solstice fishing with my buddy for lake trout at a local favorite lake. We were ice fishing in 80 feet of water when the Vexilar marked sometime strong at about 20 feet up. I reeled up to investigate (thinking it may be a pike or shal
Shallow Water Lake Trout Traveled five hours from my home in North Pole, Alaska to try out some new water. We ended up on a spot where the depth was just under four feet. Yeah shallow. I was unaccustomed to fishing for lake trout in this skinny depth, but recommendations from the
Early Ice Pike! Caught this 45" Northern Pike early in December at Lake of the Prairies
First Wall-Hanger Pike While 9 months pregnant I caught this pike up near the Minnesota/Canada border while fishing with my husband. He had caught one 26 inch pike that day and I (barely able to run for tip-ups) caught a 39 inch pike and this 42.5 inch monster. My most memorab
Chasing flags for Pike I was able to land this fat pike by setting a good spread of tip ups and being lucky. I got some great exercise from racing back and forth all day as flags on the tip ups just kept going off. Most of the pike went about 24 inches long and weighed less tha
Alaskan Lake Trout I was able to hook this fat lake trout in my favorite local lake using a 3 inch tube jig and the power of "The Force"
14 LB Eye Early Ice Wyoming Eye 34" 18.5 " Girth
44" Northern Pike Hooked this massive Northern on Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba, Canada. 25 minutes of fighting with this beauty and finally got her on the ice. Won’t ever forget that fight.
Red River Greenback Early morning bite (if you can call it that) as all I felt was a slight bump on the line. Went to give it a lift, only to discover a great weight on the other end. Lots of fun! Quick picture and back down the hole she goes.
Dave and Sarah's 21 inch Rainbow Trout! " Here is a nice picture of my 5 year old daughter, Sarah, with a nice 21 inch Rainbow that she caught in our Quickfish 6 Ice Shack.-Nikiski Alaska"
Northern Pike on Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan Caught this 16 lb. 9 oz. Northern on a windless tip up. Weighed it, took a photo, let it go, and let someone else have the same excitement.
6 Pound Rainbow Trout My daughter Riley and I caught this massive 22 1/2 in Rainbow Trout out of Saratoga Lake.
1st place - 10 yr. old and under - Vega State Park, Co This is a picture of my son Ethan. He has been ice fishing with me since he was 4. Ethan caught this 15 1/2 inch rainbow trout while I was watching him. He used my fish finder and moved his green line up to the "red fish" as he calls when the line turns r
Muskoka Lake trout Perfect location for unlimited Lake Trout action!
Tobin Flats Trophy Tobin trophy in 4 feet water
Tobin Pike A trophy caught on the flats in 4 feet of water
Large Trout Day I was fishing in Colorado with my dad who was up from Iowa for the weekend. Our first day was good, but the second day was better. Every fish we caught was 4lbs and larger. My dad had a blast.
Sunset out of Adriens Road Nice 28" Smack at the end of the trip!
Trenton's biggest perch this was my son's biggest perch he caught his first time ice fishing.
11 Pound Largemouth I was crappie fishing on Murphy Lake in Vassar, Michigan in 2012. I was jigging a wax worm on a pink teardrop. Had four craps on the ice then this big boy decided to drop in. This largemouth put up a good five minute fight on two pound test. Got him throu
Forty-Seven Inches of Glory! Kotzebue Alaska in April was a gas. Icing sheefish through the salt water Kotzebue Sound. We caught flounder and sculpin in addition to several huge sheefish. I raised this giant 47 inch sheefish through a tunnel of ice that was five feet thick.
Sheefish of Kotzebue I opted to try my luck at sheefish this last April instead of my usual spring steelhead trip. So I headed to Kotzebue Alaska to ice some trophy size fish, I landed over 10 fish over 45 inches in length. This huge monster was the second fish I caught on t
26" rainbow/cutthroat hybrid
33" Fatty Channel " Famous words of that day.... ""lets take the 10"" auger today""While fishing for Walleye one cold Feb morning and not having much success on the eyes a nice solid red mark showed up on the vex. I was able to get the fish to rise several feet off the botto"
Arctic Char My Inuit wife (Eskimo) with a good sized 15lb Arctic Char at Iqaluqjuak Lake close to Cumberland Sound on Baffin Island. Goes to show our love of Eskimo products. We have an Eskimo three man ice shelter and a faithful Eskimo ice auger.... they get lots of
T'was the day before Christmas I had company coming for Christmas so I didn't want them being cold when we went fishing on the Red River near Selkirk, Manitoba. So I ran to the nearest Cabela's store to buy a pop up. There was not many left, so I settled for the 949 FatFish. This is on
30" Cutt Wins! A great day of fishing with my brother and our son's at Strawberry Reservoir, Utah with the one in front exceeding 30" in length! (They were great eating too!)
Big pike
Fishing March 23 2013
We love fishing for pike and even more the big ones, this day was snowy and blowing and no one else was on the ice. The hole kept sifting in with snow couple small pike moving then again the flag went when I grabbed the line I knew he was a better one he
Small Pike my 12 year old son caught. Caught on Camp lake south eastern WI.
Big Catch for Brett Caught Feb.10th and was a master angler fish. Lost rod down the hole. Put in another rod and then felt something big. When reeled up, caught by original fishing rod. On that fishing rod was this big walleye.