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6 Things You Should Know About the All-New EVO

The coming ice fishing season marks an evolution with the introduction of the first ever crossover shelter – the EVO by Eskimo. Industry icons have described it in many ways; “a game-changer,” “something special,” or simply “awesome.” Combining the speed and portability of a flip shelter with the space and comfort of a pop-up, the EVO represents true innovation. Below, we share six features of these exciting new shelters.


  1. The EVO comes in two styles - the EVO1 for one angler and the larger EVO2 for two. Both feature top-of-the-line swivel Versa seats. In the EVO1, the seat and attached bench fold forward to allow access into the integrated sled. With the EVO2, the seats slide to each side instead. Additionally, the EVO1 has one oversized door on the right side while the EVO2 has a door on both sides. This allows ice anglers to easily enter and leave the shelters without stepping over holes.
  2. The EVO is fast. These shelters set up and take down in only seconds, allowing you to get to fishing more quickly. If the fish aren’t biting, simply collapse the self-contained shelter into the attached sled and move on to your next location with ease. The EVO also remains lightweight by replacing heavy metal supports with tensioned fiberglass poles.
  3. The EVO is spacious. While most portable sled shelters feel cramped and limited in space, the EVO1 and EVO2 are impressively different. The EVO1 offers 159 ft³ interior room and 19.5 ft² of fishable area. The EVO2 offers 319 ft³ inside and 34.25 ft² of fishable area. Also, the widely flared front of the EVO2 allows anglers to turn to the side to grab gear out of the tub rather than inward toward their fishing partner. Finally, anglers will experience incredible height over their holes, allowing for easy hook sets.
  4. The EVO is warm. Eskimo covers the EVO shelters in their tightly-woven 300d IceTight fabric, proven to keep the chilly wind out. The unique slanted back of the shelters works in in conjunction with Eskimo’s ventilation system to help circulate the air inside better than any previous shelter. Warm air is held lower in the shelter keeping anglers comfortable. The increased circulation also helps keep condensation to a minimum.
  5. The EVO is durable. These shelters were built to last. Each shelter is rigorously inspected and assembled in the United States. The EVO features the strongest fiberglass poles and all corners are reinforced to withstand wear and tear. YKK zippers come standard which withstand the coldest weather.
  6. The EVO is affordable. Starting at $329.99 MSRP, the EVO won’t break the bank. In fact, the EVO costs less than many of our competitors’ portable sled shelters that offer half the room.
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1/17/2017 11:53 AM
my top center hole ripped through and the poles don't stay in the pivot. Do you have any advice?  Thanks Mike Carlin  
1/26/2017 8:45 AM
I did purchase the EVO 2 based on the design of the fishing area. However I did find the seats as designed to be extremely cumbersome to install and when installed made the set up on the seat end extremely heavy. This made for difficult lifting of it into my F250 truck bed. So I took the seats off. I now can lift it easily enough by myself into my truck and the tub has room for my gear, including the buckets I will be using for the seats. I would suggest a redesign of the seats making them with less metal reducing weight. And the table as designed is ridiculously to small to be of any real use where positioned between the seats. When doing reviews on other sites I will be including this information.
2/2/2017 12:13 AM
I recently purchased a Evo2, and absolutely love it, so much more space than my buddy's flip over, I will have to disagree with Bruce on the seating, I actually like the extra weight of the seats, it makes it easy to tip up, and load into my truck, I am considering purchasing a Evo1 for the times my son, or wife stay home.

Keep up the great work, and stay on top of more great designs. Now it's time to order a 3 man hub!!!!!
2/12/2017 10:38 PM
I purchased the Evo1 which has turned out to be a great buy. It has a good amount of room to  fish solo or bring my five year old with a seat plus folding table for her.the openness plus heigth makes a great combo, although it is a little more cumbersome to move holes than my flip up but it's weight makes up for that in a heart beat.