More Ice Fishermen Choose Eskimo
Than Any Other Ice Fishing Brand

33cc 8-Inch Stingray Ice Auger

The Eskimo® Stingray™ has all of the features you need in an ice auger while being easy on the wallet. It is rugged, dependable, and has fast-cutting Quantum™ Blades, ideal for re-drilling holes with its unique centering ring. The Stingray’s comfortable handles are covered in foam to absorb vibration and its primer button allows for quick response starting. The Stingray is powered by a reliable 33cc Viper® Engine that starts in the coldest of weather. At 28 lbs, the Stingray is Eskimo’s lightest auger, yet it has the power to drill out an 8” hole quickly and easily.
SKU: S33Q8

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