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Portable Sled Shelters

Wide 1 Inferno Sled Shelter

The fully-insulated Eskimo® Wide1™ Inferno is an expandable wide-bottom one-man flip-style shelter. Its patented design gives anglers more fishable space, while maintaining the lightweight portability of a one-man shelter thanks to a telescoping front end. Its expandable front spreader bar allows for 32% more fishable area than any other shelter in its class. Once the front end is expanded, ice anglers can fish multiple lines and still have room for electronics and a heater. A double-walled hinge provides a sturdier structure in windy conditions and mesh storage pockets help keep your essential ice fishing gear handy. A larger sled on the Wide1 Inferno creates more fishable area with 14.8 square feet and 60 inches of height for setting hooks. The new mounted swivel Versa Seat is comfortable for hours on end and allows for easy movement while seated.
SKU: 15350

FlipMo 2 Inferno Sled Shelter

The fully-insulated FlipMo™ 2 Inferno is Eskimo’s newest 2-man portable sled shelter. This shelter is designed for guides and anglers who demand the best ice fishing shelter available. The FlipMo™2 Inferno features two swivel Versa Seats that will keep you comfortable all day on the ice. The oversized aluminum poles with Eskimo’s patented QRS™ (Quick Release System) will stand up to the toughest conditions that mother nature has to offer, while the IQ™ insulated fabric is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated shelter. All these features are mounted on an oversized tub, giving anglers plenty of room for storage, with leading class durability. This shelter offers all of the features that the most demanding guides and anglers want, at a price that won’t break the budget.
SKU: 15450

Quickflip 1 Sled Shelter

With the Eskimo QuickFlip1, you can get down to the business of ice fishing quickly with the easy-to-set-up flip design. This one-man shelter is the easiest and most transportable ice fishing shelter on the market today. The durable folding ice chair (included) is lightweight and can be used inside or outside the shelter. The aluminum poles are connected to a double-walled hinge bracket, which add strength and durability without adding additional weight, keeping the QuickFlip1 light, weighing only 47 pounds. Designed with a windbreak mode, this shelter is easy to flip up and use as a windbreak on sunny days.
SKU: 15300

Quickflip 2 Sled Shelter

The QuickFlip2 is a comfortable and economical two-person ice fishing shelter. Its proven time-tested design has been a reliable choice for ice anglers for years. The redesigned Eskimo® Versa Top seat offers anglers a premium seat at an affordable price—it will keep you comfortable on the ice all day long. The included pull-rope allows for easy portability and removable windows help adjust your shelter’s ventilation. This shelter gives the best value and high-quality engineering at an affordable price.
SKU: 15400

Why You Should Choose Eskimo

If you’re an ice angler who likes to test out multiple spots on the ice, Eskimo offers a variety of flip-style shelters for you. Flip shelters are designed for easy setups and takedowns with everything incorporated into a sled base, so you can easily move to where the fish are biting. Easy to flip up, Eskimo flip shelters can be used as a windbreak on sunny days. Additional features include IceTight fabric, YKK zippers, and large mesh storage pockets. 

Thread Weight / Thread Count

The mixture of thread weight and thread count will determine your fabric performance. Eskimo IceTight fabric features a 59% higher thread count than competitor shelters, resulting in a much tighter weave. IceTight is coated to be completely wind and waterproof, and is overall 19% lighter than competitor shelter skins.

IQ™ Insulated Quilted Fabric

Insulated fabric provides warmth inside your shelter so you can fish even on the harshest of days. IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric consists of two layers of IceTight fabric that sandwich together a layer of insulation material, providing superior protection from even the coldest conditions.

YKK® Zippers

Eskimo is committed to quality, and that’s why YKK® zippers come standard on all Eskimo ice shelters. Zippers can be problematic, performing well in the store, but freezing and breaking out on the ice. YKK® zippers are industry leading, rugged and reliable—just like an Eskimo ice shelter.

Ice Anchors

Eskimo ice anchors are widely known for their ease of use and tight-holding grip. Large mitten grip handles allow you to secure your shelter without needless exposure to the elements, and these durable steel-constructed anchors are self-tapping, easily screwing into the ice by hand with their sharp point.

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