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FatFish Portable Pop-Up Ice Fishing Shelters

FatFish 767 Pop-Up Shelter

The FatFish 767 pop-up shelter is perfect for 2-3 people and offers 40 square feet of fishable area. This FatFish features self-tapping ice anchors, large mesh storage pockets to hold essential ice fishing gear, two doors for easy entry and exit, and distinctive X-style reflective highlighting for nighttime visibility. As with every Eskimo ice fishing shelter, the FatFish includes a YKK zipper, rugged and reliable for the harsh conditions of winter. Its oversized, backpack style storage bag makes the FatFish easy to transport giving you more time to fish.

FatFish 9416 Pop-Up Shelter

For large fishing parties, Eskimo offers the FatFish 9416 pop-up portable shelter. This shelter design covers 109 square feet of ice, providing enough room for up to 7 to 9 people. This is perfect for your enjoying ice fishing with your friends and family. Not only does this FatFish offer easy set-up and portability, but its metal ball and socket design result in a stronger, more durable ice fishing shelter. In addition, the FatFish 9416 has 10 removable windows for more viewing configurations, two doors for easy entry and exit, and self-tapping ice anchors that are easier to grip and will not bend under pressure.

FatFish 9416i Pop-Up Shelter

The FatFish 9416 insulated pop-up portable features Eskimo IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric to help keep your fishing party of 7-9 warm and dry, allowing you to fish even on the harshest of days. The layer of insulation sandwiched by two layers of IceTight fabric provides you and your fishing party with superior protection. Coupled with the FatFish self-tapping ice anchors, large storage pockets for your ice fishing gear, two doors for easy entry and exit, YKK zippers, and reflective X-style highlighting for nighttime visibility, the FatFish 9416i has everything to meet all your ice fishing shelter needs.

FatFish 949 Pop-Up Shelter

The FatFish 949 pop-up shelter fits 3-4 people and provides 61 square feet of fishable area. The metal ball and socket design, along with larger fiberglass poles, give the FatFish a strong hub design for a more durable shelter. This portable shelter along with self-tapping ice anchors all fit into an oversized bag that can be easily carried on your back, allowing you to find the best fishing spot with ease. The FatFish is designed with two doors on opposite sides of the shelter to allow easy access to the incredibly large fishing area inside. Its distinctive X-style reflective trim allow serious ice fishermen to have a well-marked shelter for nighttime visibility.

FatFish 949i Pop-Up Shelter

The FatFish 949i insulated pop-up shelter features IQ Insulated Quilted Fabric. Made up of two layers of IceTight fabric and one layer of insulation, this fabric provides superior protection from the coldest of conditions. Not only will this insulated shelter keep you warm and dry on the harshest of days, but the insulated design is 35% warmer than a comparable non-insulated shelter. This pop-up portable features 61 square feet of fishable area—enough room for 3 to 4 fishermen. In addition, this FatFish includes large removable windows, self-tapping ice anchors, YKK zippers, and large mesh storage pockets to keep your essential ice fishing gear handy.

FatFish 6120 Pop-Up Shelter

Fish more comfortably with more people in the FatFish™ 6120. Its wide-bottom hexagon-six-sided shelter features the wide-bottom fishable area that the FatFish™ line is known for. In fact, the FatFish 6120 offers 23% more fishable area than what a comparable non-wide bottom would provide. With FatFish styling accents, YKK® zippers, and Eskimo’s all-metal ball and socket hub design, the FatFish 6120 is built to stand up to the elements. At 76” of height at center and 80 Square feet of fishable area, the FatFish 6120 is sized just right—not too big, not too small, and can comfortably fit up to 5 to 7 fishermen. Like all Eskimo shelters it features IceTight™ fabric, which offers up to a 59% higher thread count, with an average weight savings of 19%.

FatFish 6120i Pop-Up Shelter

The FatFish 6120i has all the features of the FatFish 6120 Pop-Up Portable and more. In addition to the comfortable size, YKK zippers, and strong metal-ball-and-socket hub design, this FatFish also features Eskimo’s IQ Insulated Fabric. This fully-insulated pop-up shelter is 35% warmer than comparable non-insulated shelters, and will protect you from the harsh conditions of winter.

Fish more comfortably with more people and more ice gear in the FatFish™ - the world’s first wide-bottom pop-up portable ice fishing shelter. The FatFish is designed to give you up to 80% more fishable area while offering the same easy set-up and portability as the best-selling line of Quickfish™. The entire line of FatFish ice fishing shelters are equipped with all metal ball and socket design and larger diameter poles resulting in a stronger and more durable shelter.

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